Born Lambeth London
West of England College of Art, Bristol (Foundation)
Gloucestershire College of Art, Cheltenham (BA Sculpture)
Royal College of Art, London (MA Film)

I came to camerawork through sculpture and my interest in the viewer’s response and how that could be manipulated. From that point it became a full time fascination and ultimately a living.

I worked through the camera grades in the commercial area until the mid 80’s, whilst shooting arts documentaries for the Arts Council, music promos and low budget drama for independents and the BFI. I began to shoot for television as Channel 4 expanded, mostly on film, then for all the broadcasters from the early 90’s. Since the mid 90’s I have also used Digibeta and bought my own in 1998. I have shot extensively abroad with my regular crew but also with local assistants, recordists and gaffers .

For several years I shot 35mm Anamorphic car commercials for cinema and have shot a number of cinema shorts on Super 16mm and 35mm with three features, two on 35mm and the last on HD. Since December 2005, I have worked with HD regularly, on documentary, drama and recently two comedy drama series .

I very much enjoy shooting in a variety of genres, mixing the creative possibilities of drama and comedy with the spontaneity and earthiness of documentary. The fluid, realist style of shooting favoured for many drama projects meshes with the use of reconstruction in the making of arts, history and science documentaries so that the boundaries have become interestingly blurred. As budgets and schedules have become tighter, the necessity for innovation and ingenuity in camera and lighting techniques has become essential and often very rewarding.

I have a full Super 16mm Drama kit and Digibeta kit, as well as some lighting and grip equipment used for specific briefs.